Being Human: Life Through the Eyes of Artists

Being Human: Life Through the Eyes of Artists is an examination of the artistic world. Using environmental portraiture and oral histories, this work explores the human condition as described by a diverse collection of creative individuals. Through layering of the individual’s likeness, creative production, and workspace, I capture their worldly experience in one image.

Spurred by my own experiences as an artist and my research on art and the human condition, this project highlights the way creators view the world. As a generally quiet, studious individual, I found a way to use my observations of the world to connect with others. Through these connections I developed a fascination with people’s histories and worldviews that led to the pursuit of the Being Human project. 


In Being Human, I give a voice to the diversity of artistic backgrounds and practices. I ask my audience to embrace the diversity of the art world and to value all of its creators, not just those whose work hangs in a gallery or museum.

Alex, 2020
Caitlin, 2020
Lori D., 2020
Lori D. II, 2020
Harland, 2020
Lori R., 2020
Jaci, 2020
Self-Portrait, 2020